Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Boy! What a Time!

It has been so much fun living in this neighborhood!

With all of its song

With all of its dance

And all of its puppets

I'll miss you, you unsuspecting sheeple.


Thanks to:

Roxie Speth : For being consistently hyper-supportive in every way. Sorry we broke your drill.

Trevor Murphy : For being an intergral part of getting this whole project underway.

Will Dunder : For assistance and resources in getting the whole thing put together on the ice.

Emma Weston : For support and all that painting.

Benjamin Geary : For the supplies needed to make this thing look like something.

April Wright : For showing up when few dared to not be flaky.

Sarah Huff : For the redacted cross-stitch that was the toast of the shanty.

Jody Nee : For making the mooseman fetus that grossed out so many.

Aimee Hutchinson : For all those spy supplies, and coming out to give us a hand.

Celeste Baldassare : For the oversized mitten, and enduring the spy experience on such a wet weekend.

The Nee Family : For supporting us through this ridiculous ordeal.

The Lubanovic Family : For cookies, vehicles, cat sweaters, and much more.

The Johnsen Family : For providing the resources and know-how to help our man-child dream come true.

Rose Anjelica : For remembering us and showering us in snacks.

Steve Harrison : For just wanting to help.

That Crazy Welder from Craigslist : For providing us with a stove perfect for the job.

Ax Man Surplus : For providing us with all that weird shit and wooden dowels.

The People of Mount Holly : For going along with our plots by providing us with books, decoders, and junior agents.

The Residents of the Shan-Tea : For being the perfect enemies.

On-Ice Eric : For tugging our shack on and off of the ice, as well as maintaining this circus.

Shanty Director Caitlin : For running this whole deal, and having the patience a spy shanty requires.

All the People of Shantytown : For going along with our plots and putting up with all the infiltration.

And thanks to all those that visited us.

Keep watching our mirror blog (FOIL FOR THE TRUTH) for more pictures and intelligence reports in the near future.