Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hello internet users! If you are reading this internet log, you must have some kind of interest in my normal average family! I can't imagine why! Don't you know!

Right now I am on a vacation! Seeing non-specific sights! Taking it easy and lying in wait! Ha Ha!

This is me, George Gunderson, and my wife Judy Gunderson taking in the sunshine at [UNDISCLOSED LOCATION]. She sure is one heck of a mate, do you not think? Ha Ha!

Pretty soon we will be back home in Minne-snow-ta!
Ha Ha!
I make jokes sometimes!
8 of them to be exact!

Come on down and visit us!
On January 14th, 2010!
More the merrier, I say!
Plenty of Lutefisk and other normal things there!
Right next to the hot dish!
It's always wholesome activities here!
Make sure not to listen to anyone who says otherwise!
I don't know why you ever would!
Some people should just disappear, don't you know?
Everybody is welcome!
Don't ask to many questions though. Ha Ha!


-... . / .-- .- .-. -. . -..

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